Office P“arrrrr”ty for International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy, me hearties! Greetin’s from t’ deck o’ t’ ship, where t’ rum flows like water and sometimes entire days be spent dedicated t’ silly holidays!

Did you read that last bit in a pirate voice in your head? You should have – if not, go back and try again!

September 19th was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so of course we went all out celebrating in true style. From tasty treats to rum-inspired festivities, all of us were encouraged to cast aside our land-lubbin’ selves for the day and re-enact the times when the high seas were ruled by bands of bold buccaneers.


Our morning started off with making sure we all looked the part – some of us came prepared from home (see: Dana’s incomparable parrot costume), and the rest were provided with beards and eyepatches galore. Proper pirate names and booty bags filled with candy were distributed, and our “code corsairs” all gave their scrum updates in pitch-perfect pirate voices.


Later that afternoon we continued our celebrations with a variety of marauder-themed games – we all constructed paper hats and played a rousing game of “Pin the Patch on Parise” (our CEO, Gregg Parise, was a good sport when he saw that we’d Photoshopped his likeness with a beard, parrot, and other pirate accoutrements). With a treasure trove of snacks and spirits, from homemade rum cannonballs and pirate hat cookies to festive concoctions, we all had our sea legs by high tide.

The biggest hit might’ve been the truly inspired DIY Battleship (Pirateship?) board, constructed out of two Krispy Kreme boxes with hand-drawn game pieces. Of course, we altered the rules so that every hit required you to take a sip (“Ah, you sunk my pirateshot!”).

Working for means that sometimes I have to take off my “Client Experience Manager” hat and put on a pirate one – and I wouldn’t change that for the world, savvy?

Sarah Flanagan is Client Experience Manager at A recent transplant to San Diego, she immediately plunged into the fascinating world of 5Ks and yoga. Besides her passion for technology, in her free time she’s an avid crafter, gamer, reader, crossword puzzler, and cheese maker (yes really). The only thing that changes more often than her interests is her hair color. Follow her on Twitter – @sarahlflanagan