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There's never been a better time to host a virtual or hybrid event. With COVID-19 social distancing measures still in place, offering a virtual experience to your event participants is a fun way to create an engaging addition that adds value to your event goers and your brand. 

A virtual challenge consists of multiple activities over time, with an overall goal to complete the most of each activity. It's a great way to bring people of all ages and locations together to stay active and achieve a shared goal. Each challenge can be customized by you, the event organizer, to create the most relevant, engaging, and gamified experience for your participants. 

The EveryChallenge® platform offers a one-stop-shop to sell tickets, secure sponsorships, market your event, display virtual results, and much more. With our easy setup, you can add an entirely new revenue stream within minutes. is here to help you at every step of the way. 

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Best Result
The 'classic' event goal: the faster you go, the higher your ranking. As everyone's route is different and no one will have the exact race distance we make sure to scale activities to the race distance to have comparable results. So even if you run 9.5 km instead of exactly 10 km, we will automatically scale the results to make it comparable with others. 

Track Challenge
A Track Challenge is identical to the Best Result except that you must upload the gps file of the course and each participant should run exactly that track to qualify. This allows you to host on-your-own events where participants can complete the course any time they like within the allowed period.

Total Elevation
This is the preferred option for virtual trail runs. We combine the total elevation gain for all the activities of a user during the virtual challenge. Optionally you can also set the minimum elevation gain for an activity.

Total Calories
This new challenge type is similar to the total distance challenge in a way that it adds all activities into a score. Instead of the distance, this challenge type takes the (estimated) number of calories as the score.

Total distance
The total distance goal is the perfect option to keep participants engaged with your virtual event. Each activity they complete gets added to their total distance. Ranking of the event will be updated in real-time.

Total Time
This challenge allows you to create an even playing field for all sports. Yoga, Pilates, running, cycling or walking the dog: each active minute will count equally towards the challenge goal!

Total Stairs
This combines all climbed stairs of qualifying activities. If you have a stair climbing race and would rather have a virtual race where the goal is to climb X stairs as fast as possible, please use the Best Result challenge type.

Badge Challenge
The badge challenge allows an extremely flexible challenge setup. Examples are streak challenges, multi-sport challenges or other events combining various intermediate results in a final score.

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Challenge Types

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Individual or Team Races and Collective Progress

Create both individual or team challenges, or combinations of both! With the team functionality, any group can work together to reach their common goals and compete with the other registered teams for first place!

Easily set a collective target and everyone's effort will count toward reaching this collective goal! Enable our participation mode for non-competitive challenges to change the leaderboard into a ticker board where the latest activity is shown at the top to give everyone their moment in the spotlights, regardless of distance, pace, or speed!

Customizable Badges

Create your own intermediate goals based on distance or elevation completed and award badges to keep your participants motivated to make it to the (virtual) finish line! Use our consecutive challenge to motivate your participants to keep going and our location based badges for virtual treasure hunts or embed local content into your challenge.

Easily customize the layout or even use custom images to make the badges unique to your challenge. You can optionally enable and customize email messages to be sent whenever a badge is awarded and view overall statistics of each badge on your race result page.

Powerful Feature Set

Integration with All Major Fitness Trackers EveryChallenge® offers native integration with all major fitness wearables for automatic upload of activities. This greatly improves the experience of your participants! The manual entry tool allows quick entry for everyone without a connected GPS device.

  • Strava
  • Fitbit
  • Suunto
  • Garmin
  • Polar
  • Map My Ride and Map My Run (coming soon!)

Best result, total distance, total elevation and more

We support all popular challenge modes: best result, total distance or total elevation. Even better: you can combine them in the same virtual challenge!

Whether your virtual event/challenge runs for a day, a week or even multiple months, or it's a single sport or a multi-sport event, you can host it on EveryChallenge®.

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