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Connect message: ‘You already have a connected account’

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2021 07:08PM PDT

You might get the message “You already have a connected account” when trying to connect with Garmin or Strava, when you accidentally have created two accounts, and try to connect them with the same Garmin/Strava account. 

When this happens, you should first decide which account you want to keep. Typically this happens if you have previously created an account with Garmin/Strava, but afterwards created a second account with a username+password.

To fix this:

  1. On the device where you are logged in with Garmin/Strava – click on Connections and disconnect from Strava/Garmin
  2. Now logout of EveryChallenge
  3. On your other device (where you are logged in with the account you want to keep) click on Connections and add the Garmin/Strava connection
  4. Now go back to your first device and login again. You can either use your email+password or the Connect with Garmin/Strava option
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