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Creating a Challenge

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2021 07:18PM PDT

Step 1: Create your account

In a separate tab click here to register.

In the top right corner, click on the person icon and select “Register”

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be brought to your dashboard where you can view your profile. 

Step 2: Create and name your Event

In the top right corner, click on the person icon again and select “Event Manager” 

Click Create a New Event

Type in your desired event name and click Create Event to create your event –  please note that we will base the URL on the name you enter, so make sure you enter the correct name without typos.

Once you confirm the name, you will be taken to the screen where you can configure the details & design of the event. Only a few fields are required, and after you enter those, double-check that you click ‘Save.’ You can always fine-tune the configuration at a later time.

Step 3: Add one or more races / challenges

Once you have created your event, you can add one or more Races to it (either in-person races or  challenges). 

You can choose from various challenge types such as Best Result or Total Distance. To do this, click Create Race

Enter your race name, the categories (running, cycling, walking, swimming, hiking, etc.) you’ll allow participants to do and select if you’d like to have team/relay options. 

Next, select the type of challenge for your event in the dropdown labeled Scoring Type. For your first event, our advice is to start with either Best Result or Total Distance. Enter in the “goal distance” (i.e. 3.2 miles) for the distance of your race or challenge. You can always add more options along the way. 

Each challenge type has specific configuration options available to further customize them.

If you’d like to let participants go over the “goal distance” (i.e. a participant continues to run beyond the 3.2 miles while participating in the challenge), but still be counted towards the challenge, toggle on “Allow overshoot.”

Select the secondary scoring type in the dropdown to determine what participants are competing for (i.e. duration (longest or fastest), distance, elevation, days with activities, last activity date).

If you’d like your challenge to allow participants to compete as a team for collective progress, click the toggle to turn on “Collective progress.” 

If you’d like to encourage participation rather than competition, you can turn on “participation mode” to disable leaderboard rankings. If turned on, leaderboard will be sorted by last activity date, not by front runners. 

Click Save to move to the next step. 

Step 4: Add your first badge

A key component to creating successful and engaging virtual challenges is to include badges in your challenges. This will ensure participants keep motivated during the challenge to reach their end-goal.

To add your badge, click on Badges. 

To create a new badge, click on New Badge and fill in your badge name and description. 

Each badge can trigger a customizable email which will be delivered once the badge is achieved. This email is a great way to drive engagement and allow participants to share their results with friends and family.

Step 5: Import registration data & invite participants

Once you have your event set up, you can import registration data from (if you already have active attendees). 

To import registration data, go to your Event Manager dashboard and click on Registrations. Registration data can be uploaded

Step 6: Go LIVE!

Now you are ready and have prepared the most important settings of your event you can publish your event and go LIVE!

You can publish your event by clicking ‘Publish’ on the View Event page and you’re ready to go!

Additional next steps

Here are a few pointers & next steps to consider to further customize your challenge(s):

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