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How can I manually enter a new activity?

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2021 07:13PM PDT

We have a very simple to use tool available to enter activities manually. You can easily access this tool from the Account dropdown menu in the top right corner of the website (with the user icon) and select the Manual Entry option in this menu. 

Please note that this option is only available when you are logged in.

Logging multiple manual entries on the same day

By default manual activities are entered on midnight when you do not select the time of day. As only one activity may start at the same time of day you can have only a single activity without a time of day selected at the same date.

Want to add multiple activities on the same date? That is very simple, just make sure to select the time of day for each activity.

Select the correct activity type

Please make sure to select the correct activity type. Some options are only available to specific activity types and most events have filters to only allow specific activity types. When you select an incorrect activity type your activity might not count towards your event.

Activities with zero distance

Please select the Other activity type when you want to enter an activity without distance.

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