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Inviting participants

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2021 07:03PM PDT

Automatic Invite

You can enable an option to automatically invite participants to join your events on EveryChallenge. This option can be used in combination with the import of registration data. Once you import your registration data, the system will automatically detect new records in the file and send out a (customizable) invite email with their personal verification code included.

Manual Invite

You can send each participant a link in this format where {event_id} is the id of your event. This is visible in the url when you view or edit your event. {code} is the personal verification code. 

Once a participant clicks this link, they either create an account or connect with Garmin or Strava, and will then automatically join with the provided verification code.

There are a few additional configuration options possible:

  1. You can add a parameter “&referral=XYZ” to track your participants
  2. If you’d rather redirect them to a login page, instead of a register page, please replace “register” with “login” in the above url.
  3. You can control which options are available to users (and in which order) by providing a “&providers=x,y,z” option in the url. You can choose from the available providers: “garmin”, “strava” and “EveryChallenge”
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