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Manage overlays and uploaded selfies and photos

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2021 09:30AM PDT

The EveryChallenge platform allows participants to upload photos and take selfies and save them with their results. Optionally, they can chose to also share those photos with the Event Gallery which will then show all photos of all participants of your event.

As the event organizer, you are in full control of all uploaded photos and selfies.

Event Gallery vs Result Gallery

The Event Gallery is visible on the Event home page and shows photos and selfies from all participants who wanted to share their photo(s) in the gallery. By default, the participant will upload their photo/selfie to their own result page, and can also optionally chose to share this with the event gallery.

The Result Gallery is the personal collection of photos/selfies uploaded by the participant. It is visible on the results popup from the leaderboard pages. All photos/selfies uploaded by a participant during the event will be collected in their personal result gallery.

Manage the overlay

As event organizer, you are in control of which photos are visible or should be hidden. This allows you to remove inappropriate content or respond to participant questions. Each participant can always decide to delete their own photos at any time.

You can access the Photo Gallery page from the Event Manager console:

On this page you can upload an overlay which will automatically be appended on each photo which is linked to your event. This gives a perfect sponsor opportunity to have your headline sponsor on top of each photo!

Please make sure that the overlay image is a transparent png. You can configure where you want to align the overlay and also the size of it.

Keep in mind that it’s best practice to have the overlay ready and verified before the event starts. You can still make changes to an overlay afterwards but please keep in mind that it might take a little while (up to several hours) for these changes to be reflected on each photo already uploaded.

Upload photos

From the Photo Gallery page you can easily upload photos to the Event Gallery by clicking the Upload Photo button. This allows you to pre-share certain content and/or photos from previous editions of your event to create a pre-filled event gallery with cool photos.

Star & hide photos

As event organizer you can star (promote) or hide any photo to customize the gallery to promote really cool photos and to hide the not-so-nice photos.

These options become available on the Event Gallery page after photos are uploaded:

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