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How do I set up registrations/tickets for my event?

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2019 03:06PM PDT

Whether it’s a free event or you’re charging a fee, here is where you will learn how to set up Registrations/Tickets for your event.

1. Log In to Events.com.

2. As an organizer your first screen will be your organization data. You can select between your LIVEDRAFT and COMPLETED events and find the event for which you want to make registration changes.

3. Here you can click the registrations or tickets icon on the event you would like to add Registration/Tickets to. 

4. If you’re already in your event, you can go to EVENT DETAILS in your event navigation (left side), and then Registrations/Tickets.

5. Add the Ticket/Registration NAME (e.g Adult, child, VIP), QUANTITY (tickets/registrations available), and PRICE (this can be $0 for free events).

6. To access the Advanced Settings click on the gear icon. This will give you access to AvailabilityPrice Changes and Restrictions on People settings.

7. To add more tickets or registrations click on the ADD ANOTHER REGISTRATION/TICKET button at the bottom.

8. Click SAVE at the top to save your changes.

Tip: As a finishing touch make sure you are set up in the correct currency you want to use to charge your event goers. And if you want to change Registrations to Tickets or the other way around, click the link in the bottom right corner. Press SAVE again if needed.

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