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Strava connection troubleshooting

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2022 12:23PM PST

There are a few possible explanations why an activity from Strava is not synced with EveryChallenge.

The first step is to ensure Strava is correctly connected with your EveryChallenge account. You can do this by clicking the Account menu in the top right of the website and select the Connections option. This page lists all your active connections to other devices and apps. If Strava is not connected, you can do so from here.

There might be other reasons for an activity not getting synced with EveryChallenge:

  1. Activities will only get synced when you are participating in an active challenge. If you are participating in a challenge, but it has not yet started, your activities will also not get synced. If you want to verify your connection is working, you can always join the Demo Challenge, which is always active.
    This limitation is made because of limits that Strava sets, and is outside our control.
  2. By default we only sync your public activities. If you also want your private activities to sync you need to explicitly configure this from the Connections page.

You may also want to check on the Connections page, as it will display the last sync status and message which might help troubleshooting the issue. 

A last resort that might help is to temporarily disconnect from Strava, and then immediately connect again.

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