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Team Results

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2021 11:07AM PDT

Each race at EveryChallenge can either be for individuals or for teams. With team results all participants in the same team work together in achieving the race goal. There are a few options available to fine-tune the behavior of team races which are described in this article.

Team results can be enabled for all challenge and race types.

Before you start: by the nature of how team results work they are more complex than individual races so our general advise is to first host at least one individual event/challenge before adding teams into the mix.


You can enable team results in the event management screens when you add/edit a race. Once this option is enabled a few options appear:

  • Team/Relay: this option needs to be enabled first to show the other options
  • Aggregated Results: this allows you to set how many team member results are taken into account to calculate the team score. Leave empty to include all team members. If a team doesn’t have enough members with a valid result the team score will be undefined.
    • For Best Result and Track challenge types the average of the X best results is taken as team score.
    • For Total distance/elevation/calories/stairs challenge types the sum of the X best results is taken as team score.
  • Gender sub-teams: this allows you to enable gender based sub teams. These sub-teams respect the aggregated results setting.
    • No gender results (default): all team members will count towards the team score
    • Men+Women results: next to the default team score there are sub-teams with only the men and women counting towards the sub-team scores. E.g. best 5 men and best 5 women results.
    • Men+Women+Mix: same as before, but requires at least one participant of each gender into the sub-teams.

Importing data

Team data (which participant goes in which team) is based on the registration file. The file should contain a column with the name ‘Team’ or ‘Group’. Each team should have a unique name. 

When gender sub-teams are configured you should ensure to also import genders for all participants.

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