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What are Events.com Fees?

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2019 09:12AM PDT

What does it cost to use Events.com?

Much like the rest of our platform, we’ve made our pricing simple, flexible, and easy to understand. For events with registrations, tickets, or merchandise that have an associated cost, Events.com fees are applied. You can elect to pass the fees onto buyers or you can absorb the fees – it’s up to you.

If your event is free (that is, you’re not charging for registrations, tickets, or merchandise), then there are no fees involved. Free events are FREE!

All fees will be assessed according to the currency used for processing transactions. See the table below:

If you are selling additional merchandise, all merchandise sales are subject to a 4% Events.com fee. This fee applies regardless of the currency your event is transacting in.

Events.com gives you the flexibility to decide how you want to process charges for your event. We can handle processing your transactions for you and send payments via direct deposit twice monthly, in which case an additional 3% fee will be applied to the order total for payment processing. If you prefer to connect directly with your own Stripe account then no additional fees will be charged by Events.com and your normal Stripe fee will apply. New to Stripe? You can view their standard pricing here: https://stripe.com/pricing.

NOTE: Direct deposit is currently only available for events transacting in United States dollars and Canadian dollars.

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