6 Month Regenerative Cannabis Master Class

559 Rocky Hill Rd, Scituate, RI 02857, USA


Cultivate, Harvest & Craft Your Own

Sun Kissed Cannabis & Herbal Medicines


May 20th - October 7th


Classes will be held the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10am—1pm.

EXCEPT: Our Final Class will be held Saturday October 7th.

Program is limited to (7) participants.


“As farmers and herbalists, we are dedicated to

educating and empowering individuals about their right to grow and craft their own medicines.

We believe that there is an intrinsic value to 

through directly experiencing where your food and medicine comes from. “

~Katherine & Mark, Owners of Skydog Farm



From making clones, to harvesting to making your own high quality medicinal herbal products, our 6 Month Master Program provides students with a personalized  in depth learning experience.

Whether you intend to grow your plants, make your own herbal medicine or you simply want to gain a deeper appreciation for  the cannabis plant and your local grower/herbalist, this program will connect you to the life force of this ancient plant and support a lifelong conscious relationship with all plant allies.


Each month  we will dive deep into a new topic  and explore the principles, techniques and benefits of utilizing regenerative farming practices when cultivating cannabis in the sun for the plants natural life cycle.


Monthly Topics

May 20— Orientation & History of Cannabis

June 17—  Transplanting, Pruning and Feeding

July 15—   Pests and Diseases

Aug 19—    Cloning & Plant Starts

Sept 16—  Herbal Extractions

   Oct 7 —  Harvesting, Curing and Storing  



 The cost of the program is $750.


A $300 deposit to secure your spot is due upon acceptance into the program and Full Payment is due by the first class.

Please email Katherine at info@skydogfarm or call 401-644-7253 to schedule a Discovery Call and apply to the program.


Deposit and Final Payment are Non Refundable unless program is cancelled.

If you are experiencing a financial hardship and would like to make alternative arrangements, please contact Katherine at 401-644-7253.