A Guide to Draft an Exceptional Opinion Essay

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As the name suggests, an opinion essay is simply “in my opinion” essay. Unlike an argumentative and persuasive essay where you are required to present the counter arguments and provide evidence on why your stance is right, an opinion essay doesn’t involve the comparison or differences and is just written to give the writer’s opinion on a specific subject matter. 

To draft an opinion essay a student or an essay writer has to first come up with a topic. The world around you and your day-to-day life are full of topics on which you can write an opinion essay. 

You just have to analyze something and form your opinion on it to draft this essay. And this “something” can be any topic or subject that has contradictory opinions on it. Simply pick your stance and discuss the topic with evidence to make people believe that you are right. I Suggest to Contact college essay writing service for further help.

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Opinion Essay Outline 

Just as all other essays have structures and outlines, an opinion essay has an outline as well. An opinion essay outline helps to organize the ideas and information that you have to represent in the essay. 

The outline consists of three sections:

An introduction - It is the first section of the essay and contains a hook and thesis statement. A hook is to motivate readers to read the opinion made by the writer while a thesis statement is the main argument. 

Main Body - The second section of an essay outline is the main body where other arguments are presented along with the supporting evidence that together backs the thesis statement. I Contact Essay Writing service and request to write my college paper.

Conclusion - the last part is the conclusion which includes the rephrased central ideas and the restated thesis statement and whether it has been proved right or not. 

General Do’s of an Exceptional Opinion Essay

  1. Write your opinion essay in a formal style and tone. Consider your assignment as if you are giving a speech. Put energy and life.
  2. Avoid using jargon and slang. This is the formal piece of writing and the words and phrases used should be appropriate and accurate. 
  3. Clearly and explicitly introduce the essay topic. Avoid information and facts that are not related to the topic.
  4. All the paragraphs in the body section should have a topic sentence to make clear the audience what that specific paragraph is talking about.  
  5. Using generalizations will be helpful for your readers to relate to them. 
  6. Opinion writing should be written in the present tense. 
  7. Proper citation of the sources of your information is mandatory. 
  8. Stay brief and focused. Do not wonder or add information that has nothing to do with the topic or your thesis statement. 
  9. Maintain a logical sequence of the information in the essay for your reader’s understanding.Reach out to online assignment help on the internet, they are best out there for assignment help.

General Don’ts of an Opinion Essay 

  1. Do not use short forms of words and sentences.
  2. Do not provide personal experieneces and stories. 
  3. Do not be repetitive.
  4. Avoid using an imperative voice.
  5. Do not try to persuade the audience emotionally. 

Students always look for essay writing service when they fear of drafting an excellent essay. Practice makes the man perfect. So to write a professional opinion essay, follow the “do’s and don’ts” provided in this article.  


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