An intro to the ASA format: Sociology student's guide

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Professional writers and students have to keep themselves updated about the latest editions of different citation and formatting styles. Although these citation styles are not updated frequently still students need to use these in their daily college essay writing service activities which is why they should have an idea about the changes being made in these citation styles. Keeping yourself updated with the changes made in these styles is essential for all modern students. The formatting styles that are commonly used at the school and college levels include:


  •         American psychological association (APA)
  •         Chicago or Turabian style
  •         Modern language association (MLA)

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Another citation style that is used while writing the sociology paper is the American Sociological Association (ASA) formatting and citation style. Most sociology students are well aware of this formatting style and this article will help all other students to know more about this formatting and citation style. Whenever students are assigned different tasks and they pay for an essay to be written they specify the citation and formatting style that needs to be used in the paper.


How the title page of the ASA style paper should be formatted?

The title page of a document shows which formatting style is used in that specific paper. This page also differentiates between the various kinds of formatting styles and students need to understand how the title page of all formatting styles is formed. The format in which the title page of the ASA formatting style should be constructed is mentioned below:

The title page of the ASA formatted paper has a running head in the header section of the page. Along with the running head, the shortened form of the title also needs to be written there. Once this is done the topic of the paper has to be written in the middle of the page. The topic needs to be written in bold. Underneath that, the name of the author and the institution has to be written. The one thing that differentiates the ASA formatting style from others is that the word count of the documents is written on the title page of the document. Underneath the names of the author and the institution, the essay writer has to add the total number of words that make up the document including the references.


Other important features of the ASA formatting style:



A paper that is formatted in ASA style should have one-inch margins on all sides of the document. This is to ensure that the paper looks professional and all the ASA guidelines are followed by the writer.

Line spacing

All ASA-style papers are to be double-spaced. The headings of the documents need to be double-spaced as well. The writer also has to ensure that they do not leave a single page unformatted as it leaves a bad impression on the person who will be checking write my paper service provider's work. Only the quotes added in the document need to be single-spaced.

Paragraph guidelines

All the paragraphs in an ASA-style formatted paper need to be indented. The indent should be 0.5 inches. The writers should always remember to follow the guidelines of the ASA format if the instructor has stated them in the instructions.

The fonts that are acceptable in ASA format

In an ASA-formatted essay, the fonts accepted include Time Roman and Arial. Both of these fonts are easy to read and the reader could understand what the writer is trying to explain in the essay. The font size for Times Roman should be 12 whereas for Arial the font size that should be used is 11.

Page numbers

The ASA guidelines also state that each page of the document needs to be numbered.

Whenever I write my essay for me in a format which is not clear to me I ensure to go through the guidelines of the format mentioned in its handbook. 


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