Camp ageLESS

Kent, CT

Camp ageLESS




September 24th to 26th



Camp ageLESS!

Camp ageLESS immerses you in a weekend that will transform your health for the rest of your life. Terrain Health, a 21st century healthcare practice, invites you to join over a dozen expert physicians, research scientists, and health mentors to learn about innovative healthcare. Learn how the integration of advanced testing and medical technology can help you age less and maximize your healthspan and lifespan. Sign up for cooking, meditation, and yoga classes. Participate in workshops on neuroplasticity, hormone balance, gut health, redlight therapy and more.  Share farm-to-table meals with a community of people who want to eat well, exercise purposefully, and actively participate in a full range of outdoor activities that include biking, boating, archery, ziplining, ropes course, and, of course, dancing.  It’s time to forget your responsibilities and focus on you. Experience your healthiest, most fun, and productive weekend of 2021. Don’t wait to grab your tickets. 


Themed Dinners with farm to table food• Morning Wake-Up Dance Sessions • Archery Tag • Zip Lines • Adventure Park • Fitness Classes • Hiking • Biking • Slip & Slide Kickball •• •  Tequila and Vodka tastings Wine Classes Smoothie Bars Pound Fitness • Yoga • Pilates • Waterskiing • Wakeboarding • Kayaking • Paddleboarding • Archery • Mountain Biking • Live Music • Dance Parties • Campfires • Stand-Up Acts • And More Surprises TBA!


At Club Getaway, staying in the great outdoors doesn’t mean roughing it. Your ticket price includes a two-night stay in rustic chic cabins with air conditioning, private bathrooms, and housekeeping services. Come with friends and fill a 2, 3, or 4-bed cabin -- Due to COVID-19 we are unable to match strangers in cabins together. All linens are included and the memory foam mattresses are as comfy as they come.



By Car: Club Getaway is located at 59 S Kent Road in Kent, Connecticut. From NYC, take the Hutchinson River Pkwy N and I-684 N to NY-22 N. From Boston, it’s a simple three-hour drive via I-90 W and I-84. Philly and Jersey, take I-95 or the Garden State Parkway.



Located in the Berkshire Mountains of Connecticut, this weekend is geared towards adults looking to escape the city and submerge themselves in the great outdoors. Professional staff are there to guide you every step of the way, through sports and endless activities to kicking back and simply relaxing. It’s all included at Club Getaway.



Terrain Health is a next generation healthcare company headquartered in Ridgefield, CT., practicing medicine that is proactive, personalized, and precise. Founded by Dr. Robin Rose, one of the country’s leading experts in functional gastrointestinal medicine, Terrain Health’s members receive continual data-driven knowledge about their bodies as a whole unit, effectively allowing them to ageLESS, elevate performance, and maximize healthspan.