"Kinda" Klondike Road Relay

Whitehorse, YT

"Kinda" Klondike Road Relay


The “Kinda” will be a covid-conscious event this year and runners have lots of  options! We won't be able to run our event as usual, but we hope we will get to say hi to our American friends who are able to fulfill the federal goverment border rules for entry into Canada (changes Aug 9th) and all Canadians (territorial restrictions change Aug 4th) 

September 11th 2021, 7am- 7pm

  • 5 Person Running Teams (Legs 6-10) 
  • 8 Person Youth Running Teams (Legs 7A-10 B) 
  • 4 Person Walking Teams (Legs 7-10)
  • 8 Person Walking Teams (Legs 7A-10B) 

Check out our WEBSITE  to find out what's different with the "Kinda" !


ONLY 1 person per team CREATES A TEAM 
They become Team Captain
(pays $75 per person + registration  fees).
  • Team Captains create your team name and access code ( write down the access code!) 
  • Register and pay for your whole team
  • You will receive a unique link for your team
  • Send link/code information to your team members
  • All team members and captains must log in, sign up for their legs, and sign waivers 

Race package includes: the "Kinda" neck gator (a once in a lifetime swag gift), a tote bag for your gear and discounts from local businesses. 

Get going on your team theme!  Upload pics of your team in costume on September 11th and the "Theme Team" will be awarding prizes! 

REGISTER for in person event by clicking "create a team" above 


NEEDING A RUNNER? WANTING A TEAM? Put your contact information here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J3nbALM1M3LtA0OWiBdUIdKwOTlWEn8MMzvQEQqX8yg/edit#gid=0 


Feel like you will have FOMO if you can't join us for our in person event?  No worries...sign up to virtually run or walk with us as an individual or a team.  Virtual event happens the week of Sept 5-11th.  Don't miss out.  You'll get a once in a lifetime "Kinda" neck gator as well. 

$35.00 per person + registration fees.

Upload pics of you in action and the "Theme Team" will award prizes 

REGISTER for virtual event by clicking here VIRTUAL EVENT