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What Is the Standard Door Size?

Within the United States, two types of door sizes are commonly used to house doorways, both for exterior and interior. The typical door sizes for both exterior and interior doors is as follows:

How Tall Are Doors?

Doors can be the focal point in your home. They are more than an entry point to leave a home or room. A well-designed entry door will increase curb appeal from the outside as well as the overall look and feel of your home's overall appearance.

However, before you start incorporating the style and design first, you must discuss about size. Knowing the right size will be the initial step towards finding the ideal door to each entrance in your home.

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Standard Door Width

The door's width is able to differ, as there is plenty of variation in terms of sizes and styles for doors. The standard door size that is used for US residences of 36 inches. Other sizes that are easily found are 32 and 30 inches. Be aware that when measuring the size of a door the measurement is reflected only the door's frame and not the frame around it.

Standard Interior Door Width

Doors for the interior are the doors within your home. International Residential Code sets minimum height and weight limits. Widths for standard doors is in between 32 and 28 inches. Of course, custom sizes for doors may be quite different.

Standard Interior Door Height

Code generally requires that interior standard door sizes to be an appropriate height. It should be at least 80 inches (although certain codes allow doors that measure 78 inches). Doors with a width of over 80 inches are called 6 feet 8 inches tall that's why the standard doors for interior use are referred to in the industry as "6/8 doors." A 78-inch door is referred to as"a 6/6 door..

Standard Exterior Door Width

Exterior doors are often bigger than interior doors However their width is typically 36 inches. However you may also come across doors for exterior use that are smaller with the standard 30 or 32 inches in width.

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Standard Exterior Door Height

Exterior or entry doors should be at least 80 inches at a minimum. They may go as high as 96 inches with standard sizing however custom doors can be higher.

Sliding Glass Door Sizes

Sliding glass doors typically come in a standard size in terms of length, however, the width may differ based on the area in which you're installing the door as well as the size of the opening. In most cases, builders design door frame areas which are standard in size in order that should you require a replacement, it is easier to locate.


Sliding glass doors are generally set at a height of around 80 inches. If you're not making an opening that you custom design during the construction process it's a fairly normal size. Most likely, you won't have trouble getting the proper height.


The dimensions of sliding doors could differ. The typical sliding doors measure between 60-72 inches. However, there are a variety of options to choose from. Also when you're putting in more than the typical two-panel door, you can make it even bigger.

French Door Sizes

French doors are often referred to as French windows and are available in various sizes. It is important to take measurements and find the correct size to ensure that you don't need to perform a lot of extra work in order to make the doors be a good fit for your home. There are several sizes that are typical to use for French doors, but typically, the doors are approximately 30 to 72 inches in width. French doors are usually sold in pairs.

Closet Doors

Doors for utility and closets are typically smaller than entrance or standard doors. Doors for closets in older houses (those constructed prior to the year 1990) can be with a width of as little as 18 inches. However, the newer models typically come with a larger length of 30 inches. They can reach as high as 96 inches the height.

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