Writing Better Essays with Flawless Grammar - Guide 2022

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Grammatical mistakes are common in academic essays. So much importance is at the time given to coming up with arguments and ideas that such mistakes escape their radar. The grammatical mistakes become a blemish on the essay and might cause the reader to think that the essay writer didn’t care enough to check for any errors. 


Despite the quality of the arguments and the content, grammatical mistakes can cause the reader to get distracted and not merit the rest of the essay much.

Here are the grammatical rules that you should keep in mind.



Syntax refers to the structure of the sentence, and the arrangement of phrases, and words. We tend to complicate our sentence structure while trying to communicate a complex idea or trying to vary the sentence structure. The end product is sentences and writing that is far from being concise and clear otherwise you can get more info at write my paper for me


Wrong Syntax: Trying to text Monica back from one hand while driving with the other, back and forth from the road to his mobile John went, missing the road closed sign.

Correct and improved: John missed the road closed sign as he was busy texting Monica with one hand while driving with the other

If changing the word order or syntax doesn’t give you the best clarity then you should change the wording of the sentence.



You should also be aware of the tenses in your writing. It is common practice to state someone’s opinions and theories in an essay, but many people introduce opinions, beliefs, and theories in the past tense. For more about this topic, you can avail of any essay writing service.


Badiou believed that religion is important to the world of philosophy; religion end with a platform for philosophy to flourish.


Using the word ‘believed’ can change the context of the quote or the text. Using a past tense instead of the present one of ‘’believe’, you are telling the reader that the author is either dead or that the idea belongs to the past and has probably changed.

Another important tip is to try and avoid the use of future tense in the essay. Though there is nothing grammatically wrong about using future over present tense, the former sounds uncertain compared to the latter. The present makes the statement more authoritative and certain: 


Future tense: In the essay, we will present to you the relationship between the Haitian Movement and the Civil War of 1857.   

Present tense: This essay presents the relationship between the Haitian Movement and the Civil War of 1957.



Prepositions give and show the position of the nouns in the sentence. Many mistakes in the writing are the wrong use of a preposition. So it's better to reach out to any expert writer to ask them to write essay for me.

They have been separated from each other for over a year. (‘from’ should be used instead of ‘with’)

I could have gotten on the evening bus. (The correct use is to use on.)

Even if they sound fine to the ear, they should be checked for and replaced.


Singular and Plural

The noun and the corresponding verb in the sentence should have a subject-verb agreement. Plural subjects should take plural verbs while single subjects should take singular verbs.

The principles of entropy are...

The law of thermodynamics is...

Beware not to get confused by the plural last word of the noun phrase. 


Use of ‘and’ instead of ‘to’

But we were tasked to try and convince him with the deal.

Such instances happen usually after infinitives (to verbs).  The infinitive ‘to try’ needs another verb to work with, in this case, ‘convince’. Though the sentence might sound right, there shouldn’t be an ‘and’ in between the infinitive and the verb.

Correction: But we were tasked to try and convince him with the deal.


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