10k & S.P.E.W.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Highland

10k & S.P.E.W.


Hogwarts Running Club is pleased to present our second event of 2017:

The 10k & S.P.E.W!

Our second event of 2017 honors the beloved House Elves who have served the Wizarding World for centuries...especially our favorite house elf, Dobby! Your registration includes this awesome 3" medal, custom sublimated ribbon, and your own personalized digital bib!

Hermione just wanted to do some good in the world. Hermione was determined to make life better for House Elves working in Hogwarts Castle and throughout the wizarding world. Her compassion for their well-being and her support of their freedom demonstrated her leadership abilities and led to the elves fighting to defend Hogwarts in the final battle of the Wizarding War. It is in this spirit, we are thrilled to announce that proceeds from this event will go to support the Harry Potter Alliance and their Granger Leadership Academy. The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) believes that the world needs more Hermione Grangers. Since its inception two years ago, the Granger Leadership Academy has empowered 200 young leaders, primarily young women, and turned these fans of popular stories into real-world heroes who will "do some good in the world." Your participation in the 10k & S.P.E.W. will provide numerous scholarships and help defray costs for youth who otherwise couldn't afford to attend. Remaining funds will go to support HPA's Accio Books campaign to increase childhood literacy and create a whole new generation of heroes. Please visit www.thehpalliance.org to learn more about what your donation will accomplish!

And don't forget to get your event shirt! We all have the power to become the hero of our own story and Dobby was certainly a hero to us all. All proceeds from the event shirts will also go to the Harry Potter Alliance. You can get your shirt at: www.booster.com/10k-and-spew

The suggested run date for this event is Saturday, March 25th. We don't know exactly which day it was, but we do know that Dobby gave his life to rescue his friends from Malfoy Manor in March 1998. So, we've picked the last Saturday in March as the day we will run in memory of our favorite house elf! Remember, this is only a fun suggestion. You are welcome to complete your 10k whenever you want! All of the medals will be mailed on Monday, April 3rd!

For more information on how our virtual running events work, please visit our FAQ.

Be like Hermione and do some good in the world! Sign up today!