10th Annual Madison Trifecta - a.k.a. TBA

Ennis, MT 59729, USA


The Madison Trifecta is the combination of the 10th Annual Madison Triathlon, the 10th Annual Madison Duathlon, and the 14th Annual Madison Marathon.  Three events in three days.  Back to back to back.

Athletes who complete the Madison Trifecta will earned the coveted TBA status. TBA stands for Total Bad Ass because anyone who can pull this off is exactly that.

Covid permitting, we will eventually be taking this incredible challenge global.  We will/are re-branding the series as the Trifecta World Cup.  In this case, it is the Trifecta World Cup - Yellowstone.  Next up, Trifecta World Cup - Vietnam.  Followed by the Trifecta World Cup - China, and so on.  We gotta start somewhere, so we're starting where it all started.  Right in the Yellowstone.   

Ready to take on the challenge of a life time?  Ready to be part of something that's going international?

Here it is.  It all starts on July 8.