2016 Time Turner Event & King's Cross Challenge

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Highland

2016 Time Turner Event & King's Cross Challenge


It's finally here! This is your chance to get those medals you may have missed in 2016! The Time Turner is NOT a running event and there is no "Time Turner Medal"...this is our way of "turning back the clock" to reopen previous Hogwarts Running Club events for the year.

This means that you can now sign up for the following events and continue supporting our 2016 charity partners:

Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper RunOne Warm Coat

Umbridge Run 13k (or until it sinks in)My Stuff Bags Foundation

Half Blood Prince Half MarathonProject Purple

OneHRC House MarathonBig Cat Rescue, International Bird Rescue, Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue, and the Save Me Trust.

Fantastic Beasts 5kEND7

Platform 9 3/4k (Year Three)Carry the Future

Also, if you have registered for at least three HRC events in 2016 (or get to three or more with your Time Turner registration), you have qualified and can register for, the awesomely HUGE King’s Cross Challenge medal. The proceeds from these registrations will be distributed across our six charity partners for 2016. We will be double-checking registrations, so PLEASE do not select for the King’s Cross Challenge Medal if you haven't registered for at least three of the 2016 HRC events listed above either earlier in the year or during your Time Turner registration.

If you have signed up (or will sign up during this event) for all SIX events AND the King's Cross Challenge Medal, you will become a 2016 Perfect Prefect and your free Prefect pin will automatically be included with your King's Cross medal.

Hogwarts Running Club has now completed three full years of virtual running awesomeness. As such, we believe we’ve been around long enough to have a THROWBACK MEDAL!

Ladies and Gentlemen, due to unrelenting demand, we are pleased to announce the re-release of the DEATHLY HALLOWS medal!

It has been slightly modified (for one, it doesn’t say “2014” on it) so those 118 folks who have the original medal still have a “First Edition” and their dedication in 2014 is still honored. This “Throwback Version” is also a SPINNER and is the exact same size as the original (3.5"). It will be the first in an annual tradition to reintroduce one previous-year’s medal with a unique and distinctive ribbon just for the Throwback Series medals. Proceeds from the Deathly Hallows will go to our 2016 Charity Partners.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Deathly Hallows does not count towards this year’s Challenge Medal and is not required for 2016 Perfect Prefect status!

CRITICAL INFORMATION: When you begin your registration, think of this as ONE event and not many. Just select the number of PEOPLE signing up regardless of the number of medals you are planning to get. You’ll be able to select individual medals for each person after you enter your registration information.

There are NO limits to the number of registrations and we will NOT sell out! Since the Time Turner has UNLIMITED registrations, medals will not be ordered until 1 November and will not arrive until December. Hence, Time Turner medals won't be mailed until Mid-December.

Finally, bibs will be provided for all running events, but since the King's Cross and Deathly Hallows have no distance associated with them, there are no bibs for those medals. Given the number events that will be selected, please allow 48-72 hours for your bibs to appear in the bib archive on our website (www.HogwartsRunningClub.org) and please allow a full week for registrations on opening weekend so we can clear the backlog. Your patience is appreciated!

Sign up today and do even more #SoMuchGood!