2017 NYPD Running Club Membership


2017 NYPD Running Club Membership


Membership in the NYPD Running Club is only open to employees of Law Enforcement, and their invited guests.

Each prospective member is required to demonstrate during the registration process that they are a member of Law Enforcement, or they are sponsored by a Law Enforcement Officer. If you are not a Law Enforcement Officer (Guest) and your sponsoring officer is not a member of NYPD you must submit a paper application to the club. To obtain a paper application return to NYPDRunningClub.com "About Us" page. Prior membership of the club does not guarantee future acceptance if you do not meet the above criteria.

Membership of the NYPD Running Club does not include guaranteed entry into the New York City Marathon, nor does it include automatic entry into the NYPD Running Club's Marathon Bus and Party.

The NYPD Running Club does not have any official affiliation with the New York City Police Department, other then the fact that the membership, and club officers, are comprised of mostly active or retired employees of the department.