2018 - Envision Financial Run for Water Partner Schools

Abbotsford, BC

2018 - Envision Financial Run for Water Partner Schools


This year, we are partnering with the community of Awash Kolati to provide them with clean water and quality education for LIFE.

This is the registration site for the Envision Financial Run for Water Partner Schools ONLY.

This is NOT to be used for regular registration. Please go to www.runforwater.ca/run for links to regular registration.

About Us

The average person in North America is only 5 seconds away from clean water...the average person in Ethiopia is a 5 hour walk away from water. This shouldn't be. YOU CAN CHANGE THIS. 100% of the money raised by donating and fundraising goes to providing clean water which means that girls no longer have to go on daily journeys in search of contaminated water. With access to safe, clean, drinking water, kids in the village can go to school, mothers can start businesses, fathers can water their crops, and children no longer die of waterborne diseases.

Last year, students in participating schools raised over $75,000 for clean water and a new school in Freselam, Ethiopia. There is now accessible and clean water flowing for Freselam as well as a new school offering quality education. This year students are raising money for clean water in the rural Awash Kolati, Ethiopia.

THIS YEAR DON’T JUST RUN, RAISE! If you are experiencing technical difficulties trying to register. Please reach out to the Customer Success team at Events.comEmail: help@events.comChat: click https://help.events.com/ ‘Chat with us’ link.