2018 - Run for Water Trail Race 10K/25K/50K

Abbotsford, BC

2018 - Run for Water Trail Race 10K/25K/50K


Run for Water Society is a non-profit organization which raises money for clean water projects in Ethiopia.

Run any trail distance for $125. Pay $25 now to register and reserve a spot. Donate the remaining $100 or involve others to fundraise $100 (or more!) by race day!

The average person in North America is only 5 seconds away from clean water...the average person in Ethiopia is a 5 hour walk away from water.

This shouldn't be. BUT YOU CAN CHANGE THIS.

Last spring the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) in the community of Gora Bantu agreed to partner with Run for Water in fundraising for a clean water well and a new school in their community. They are actively working with their community to raise 10% of the project costs. The PAC will also manage the local construction process and long-term maintenance of the well and school.

100% of the money raised by the trail event will go toward providing the remaining project costs. This means that girls in Gora Bantu will no longer have to go on very long and laborious daily journeys in search of contaminated water. With access to safe, clean, drinking water, kids in the village can go to school, mothers can start businesses, fathers can water their crops, and children no longer die of waterborne diseases.

THIS YEAR DON’T JUST RUN, RAISE with the community of Gora Bantu!

*All of our event costs are covered by our generous sponsors!

**Email us the week before race day if you need to switch distances.