2018 Braveheart Highland Games

San Diego, California

2018 Braveheart Highland Games


Braveheart Athletes, fellow neurotic endurance nut bags, and those swimming, biking, and running away from problems...

It’s that time of year again! The time has come to start planning your trip to San Diego for the annual Braveheart Highland Games.

Dates: Jan 25-28, 2018 (Thurs- Sun).

Location: San Delicious, SoCal. Brah, just take the 10 to the 110, to the 405 to the 5 south.

The 2018 BHG is a one-of-a-kind, four-day triathlon training camp for Braveheart Athletes in sunny San Diego. Last year, we had an amazing turnout of Paterson-fearing souls from all over the world! Grown men cried. Women laughed. Dogs ran.

The camp is FREE if you're being coached by a Braveheart Coach during January 2018. (See end of this message for more details about what this actually means).

Hosted by foul-mouthed immigrants -- the verbally corrupt Lesley Paterson, her charming and impossibly attractive and charismatic husband, Simon (oh, fuck you), and newly-married-professional cat-herder-come-Ironman-athlete/coach, Alan Greening from Denver, CO.

Camps details:

  • Four fun-filled days of great training (all coached), outdoor swims, legendary climbs, warm trails, games, expert and motivational talks, Q&As, great conversation, and a few adult beverages. Oh, and lots of heckling.

  • Our local athletes provide home stays for as many of the out-of-town athletes as possible. Whether you come alone or with a family in tow, we’ll do our best to find a local triathlete willing to put you up for free. If you want your own space, there are some great family friendly hotels in town. You must tell us if you WANT a homestay during registration.

  • We have additional ONE paid session -- a coached pool swim – but that's a minimal charge ($15) to cover lane rental costs.

  • Meals are provided (although optional) but we charge to cover our costs. All meals are integrated into the agenda. Vegetarian options always available. Please tell us in the registration form what meals you plan to have. This is to help our planning.

  • End of January means that flight costs are off-peak.

  • Can’t bike, swim, or run due to injury? Join in the sessions you can do and/or help with SAG support and athlete support during the camp.

  • Because of the varied abilities (from absolute beginners to pro), each training session has A, B & C designations, with ability-matched groups for every session. All groups have designated session leaders and SAG support.

  • It's a road triathlon camp, so road bikes are recommended. If you're just a runner or biker, this camp is still perfect for you.


  • For those of you who dread flying with a bike, we recommend using www.BikeFlights.com. It's simple and surprisingly cheap. Our fantastic local mechanic, Keven Lee from Master Mechanics, will be available to help those of you who want to opt in to the package: called "I just want to show up and pedal my own fucking bike." You can email Keven directly at kevenleewithane@gmail.com for help with getting your bike shipped directly to him, unpacked, built up, delivered to the camp location, and then everything in reverse for going home.
  • For those of you don't want to bring a bike, we have partnered with Moment Cycles in San Diego to rent one for you. Camp attendees get discounted rates on these (we will give you a code): http://momentbicycles.com/about/bicycle-rentals-pg420.htm

The final camp itinerary will be sent in mid January.

I'm confused, is the camp free to ME?

Yes, if you're a Braveheart athlete. A Braveheart athlete is someone who is currently (as of January, 2018) being coached by one of the following Braveheart Coaches: Lesley Paterson, Simon Marshall, Alan Greening, Kristen Wade, Al Wade, Tammy Tabeek, Chris Hague, Amanda Webb, Mau Mendez, Cherell Jordin or Aaron Jordin. Non-Braveheart athletes are also welcome to attend the camp for $325.