2019 Microelectronics Integrity Meeting (MIM)

Indianapolis, IN

2019 Microelectronics Integrity Meeting (MIM)


Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) invites you to attend the Microelectronics Integrity Meeting (MIM) on Tuesday 06 August and Wednesday 07 August at the JW Marriott Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This event is intended to bring representatives from various government, industry and academia organizations together to discuss the critical trusted electronics issues currently faced by the Department of Defense.There will be speakers throughout the day on topics such as cybersecurity, trusted microelectronics, supply chain risk management, trusted foundries, and anti-counterfeit microelectronics efforts.

History of the Microelectronics Integrity Meeting

NSWC Crane has supported the Department of the Navy in the area of microelectronics, with an emphasis on high reliability microelectronics for strategic hardware applications, for over 50 years. With this support, the Navy has made significant investments that have resulted in extensive support capability as found in today's silicon foundries. These support activities address all aspects of the microelectronics device system: design, failure and material analysis, component test, technology protection, radiation effects, obsolescence, cyber hardware and firmware.

As a result of the technical competency demonstrated by the NSWC Crane team, ASD(R&E) approached DASN(RDT&E) requesting DoN provide technical execution oversight for the Trusted and Assured Microelectronics Program (TA&M). This effort is critical as the globalization of the microelectronics supply chain has introduced additional risk. It is imperative that the microelectronics used in our war fighter's systems operate as designed, whenever called upon. The issue of trust in microelectronics has presented a number of critical challenges for DoD programs and systems. The ability to identify potential threats and, more importantly, identify solutions to the many challenges will be key to future success.

The Microelectronics Integrity Meeting provides a unique forum opportunity for government, industry and academia to discuss key challenges associated with trusted microelectronics and share ideas and lessons learned to ensure that the DoD has viable solutions to current and future supply chain threats. This includes the development of an educated and skilled workforce that understands these issues and are equipped to meet tomorrow's challenges with Trust.


Civilian: Business/Business Casual

Military: Uniform of the Day - Navy Khakis or Service Equivalent

Hotel Room Blocks:

Rooms have been reserved for this event at the government per diem rate of $125.00 per night on the following dates:

Check-in: 05 August

Check-out: 08 August

Reservations must be completed by Friday 10 July, 2019.

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Snacks and Beverages:

Guests will be on their own for snacks and beverages. There are many different options nearby, including a Starbucks within the hotel.

Lunch Options:

Guests will be on their own for lunch and will have a variety of restaurants to choose from within walking distance.