2019 Summer Skills & Maintenance Clinic

Kamloops, BC

2019 Summer Skills & Maintenance Clinic


At RUNClub we run ALL year - even in the middle of Summer! So join us for these 8 gorgeous weeks of Summer running - or as many weeks as you can! With it being Summer and camping/vacation/generally enjoying the sun time, we will ALL miss a session or two (or three or more), so don't sweat about that! Our online programming will keep you going with your playwork and we will all be together when we can.

This Clinic is all about maintaining the fitness you have build in previous clinics and strengthening your skills to help you reach and crush all of your Summer and Fall fitness and race goals! That being said, there is ALWAYS a place for you if you are brand new to running or are returning after some time away.

If you are running with us during our Summer Clinic, adding this program will give you the full 20 week training program to prepare you for the Kelowna Marathon RUNClub destination trip in October.

During this clinic we will enjoy:

  • Speed Play (speed work) every other week to help us get faster and more efficient
  • Guest Coaches including team team from Runners Sole and more!
  • Post-Run Yoga to help us get more flexible and prevent injury
  • Cold Water Therapy post runs when possible (this is extra sweet in the Summer heat)
  • Post-Run Fun including tailgate parties, coffee and more!

Clinic Details:

  • Dates: Sunday, July 7th 2019 - Sunday, August 25th, 2019 (8 weeks)
  • Runs: Sundays only. 7am
  • Cost: $85.00 (once session per week for 8 weeks)
  • Goal Race: Any and all of your Fall goals including: Okanagan Marathon RUNClub Destination Trip, Seawheeze, Melissa's Road Race etc.

Please note that this Clinic runs only on Sunday mornings and we start at 7am rather than our normal 8am in order to get our runs in before the day really heats up (this is safer and more enjoyable).We can't wait to run with you this Summer. We promise it's both rewarding and F-U-N!!!See you soon!