2019 Time Turner Event & Felix Challenge

Guilford, CT

2019 Time Turner Event & Felix Challenge


It's finally here! This is your chance to register for those events you might have missed in 2019 and register for the amazing Felix Challenge medal! The Time Turner is NOT a running event and there is no "Time Turner Medal"...this is our way of "turning back the clock" to reopen previous Potterhead Running Club events for the year.

CRITICAL INFORMATION: First, use the "+" sign to select the number of PEOPLE you are registering. After you enter your registration information, you will see a series of "Required" items for each person. You are NOT, repeat - NOT, required to register for every event, but you are required to answer each item by choosing to add the event OR selecting "No Thanks." You will see $25 added to your total for each event you select. If you get to the end and your total is ZERO, you have not selected any events and you need to go back and change your answers as appropriate.

Now you can register for the following events and continue supporting our 2019 charity partners:

Stage 5k Clinger – Supporting Project Purple to find a cure for pancreatic cancer and improve the lives of patients!

Slug Club Armchair to 5k – Supporting the Harry Potter Alliance, Transfiguring Adoption and the Protego Foundation: the Slug Club of NPO Harry Potter fandoms committed to change!

Pensieve 10k – Supporting Music and Memory to bring music to those with Alzheimer's and dementia!

Vanishing Half Marathon – Supporting Wildlife Protection Solutions to protect Vanishing species and ecosystems!

A Quick Pygmy Up 5k – Supporting Cerebral Palsy Foundation as they work toward earlier detection in infants!

Platform Year Six – Supporting Orange Sky to positively connect people experiencing homelessness through free laundry, showers and conversation!

This is also your chance to get the incredible Felix Challenge medal! Unlike previous years, you are not required to be registered for any other events to sign up for the challenge medal. Think of it as simply "Event #7" for 2019. Your registration includes this incredible 4" medal with a SPINNING Felix Felicis vial / quill nib, dye-sublimated ribbon, and the always popular custom, digital bib.

The distance for this event is equal to the other six events for the year, so it's 55.75k or 34.64 miles! You are not supposed to do this distance in one go and are fully expected to break up the distance into more manageable segments.

If you have signed up (or will sign up during this event) for all SIX events AND the Felix Challenge Medal, you will become a 2019 Perfect Prefect and receive the NEW Perfect Prefect pin which will automatically be included with your Felix Challenge medal.

A few years ago, we introduced the concept of the Throwback Medal and this year we did more than just re-release old medals...Bosswitch re-imagined four old medals for you to choose from. You voted and the re-imagined 2014 Chamber of Secrets 10k has been selected as the 2019 Throwback Medal! Proceeds from the Throwback Medal will be distributed across our 2019 Charity Partners.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Chamber of Secrets Throwback Medal does not count, nor is it required, for 2019 Perfect Prefect status!

There are NO limits to the number of registrations and we will NOT sell out! Since the Time Turner has UNLIMITED registrations, medals will not be ordered until 1 November and will not arrive until December. Hence, Time Turner medals won't be mailed until December 16th.

Finally, the SHIRTS:

We've added an awesome "Year in Review" shirt to celebrate another year of awesomeness! For the Time Turner shirt, go here: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/timeturner-2019

And finally, all of the 2019 event shirts are back! You can get all of them here: https://www.customink.com/ink/fundraising/random-tuesday

Sign up today and do even more #SoMuchGood!