2020 Cal Grant Regional Trainings

11040 White Rock Rd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, USA

2020 Cal Grant Regional Trainings

11040 White Rock Rd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, USA


It has been determined by CSAC management that all in-person training events (including the Cal Grant Regional Workshops) for the remainder of 2020 will be cancelled. It is now our goal to provide virtual events & online content in their place. This cancellation is a result of the ongoing pandemic as well as the budget cuts we are likely to face going forward.  

For those who had planned to attend a Cal Grant Regional Training this year, CSAC will be offering recorded videos as well as live webinars via Zoom. The live webinars will cover the content of the one-day training event in three sessions of 2-3 hours each.  Please look out for another communication with the dates for these webinars in the next few weeks.  We also have Cal Grant Regional Training modules, supplemental pre-recorded videos, as well as additional resources available online for those who cannot attend the webinars.  Cal Grant Regional Training materials and resources can be found here:


Friday, February 28 – MTI College - Sacramento, CA

Friday, March 27 – Palo Alto University - Los Altos, CA

Friday, April 24 – Cypress College - Cypress, CA

Friday, May 15 - San Diego Christian College - Santee, CA

Friday, May 29 - California Baptist University - Riverside, CA 

Friday, June 12 – Ventura College -Ventura, CA

Friday, June 26 - L.A. Mission College - Sylmar, CA

Monday, June 15 - UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA 

Friday, July 10 - Asher College - Sacramento CA

Friday, July 31 - Santa Clara University - Santa Clara, CA

Tuesday, August 11 - Pierce College - Woodland Hills, CA 

Wednesday, October 28 - Coast Community College District Office - Costa Mesa, CA

Friday, November 6 - University of Redlands - Redlands, CA