2020 Crooked Gravel

78841 US-40, Winter Park, CO 80482, USA



We have made the decision to temporarily suspend registration for the Crooked Gravel. We’re not saying that events won’t occur by any means or that we don’t remain hopeful, but as the permitting waters grow cloudier, we can’t, in good faith, allow you to register until we receive more definitive answers from the governing agencies. Stay tuned for details.  



DATE: August 8, 2020

The Roll Massif Crooked Gravel takes a few cues from an exploratory event the legendary Ron Kiefel put together a decade ago called Crooked Roubaix. Back before gravel bikes were really a thing, Kiefel and some friends set out on a 95-mile dirt-road adventure from Winter Park up into the high mountains on road bikes.

Fast forward to 2020 and gravel bikes are a thing. Our two routes take in the very best of Grand County gravel, with long, winding climbs up through aspen and pine forests, wide open descents under the massive Colorado sky and - on the long route - some secret tracks never before explored in a cycling event.

If nothing worth doing is easy, then Crooked Gravel is certainly worth doing…both routes tackle over 5,000 feet of climbing on gravel, beginning at 8,500 feet elevation.

Visit RollMassif.com for complete information.