2020 RUNYoga

Kamloops, BC

2020 RUNYoga


Yoga is one of the best (if not THE best) partner activity to running. Running, which we love and crave, can put strain on our bodies through repetitive motion and impact. Yoga helps to reverse the compounding effects simply running can have, while increasing our flexibility and mobility which improves our running. Plus, the mindfulness that a regular yoga practice brings can dramatically improve not only our running, but our lives.

Join us for this six week program where we will teach you how to run and practice yoga. No previous experience of either practice is necessary, but experienced runners and yogis are welcome too! We have a place, pace and pose for everyone in this clinic.

The running portion of the clinic will be taught by the RUNClub team and the yoga portion by Yvette Lehmann.

This clinic will run Tuesdays, from 6PM - 8PM for 6 weeks (January 14th - February 18th). We will meet together every Tuesday at the Happyness Center, from which we will depart for a 35 - 45 minute run. There will be two walk/run distance groups: 5K and 10K and two pacing groups within each of the distance groups (sweet and bold). Immediately following we will return to the Happyness Center for 45 minutes - 1 hour of yoga practice.

Your registration includes: ​outstanding coaching; run-walk training; yoga training; group support; personalized emails; personalized programs; rewards and treats; free monthly newsletter; online website play work; and participation in RUNYoga every Tuesday.

Join our tribe and enjoy a healthy vibrate life with us as we celebrate movement and community health.

Registration is limited so make sure you register right away!

6 Week Clinic | Tuesday, January 14th - Tuesday, February 18th
Tuesdays @ 6PM
@ the Happyness Center | #203 - 242 Victoria St. Kamloops BC

Jo Berry:

Yvette Lehmann