2021 Healthy Driven Naperville Half & 5k Gift Purchase

Naperville, IL

2021 Healthy Driven Naperville Half & 5k Gift Purchase


GIVE A GIFT OF HEALTH AND ADVENTURE that will keep your recipient active and entertained throughout 2021!

Purchase a Gift Certificate here for the 10/17/2021 Healthy Driven Naperville Half Marathon and 5k.

Download a Gift Certificate graphic from our website (www.runNaperville.com/gift-certificate/) that you can present to your runner, and we will follow-up with them by e-mailing an invitation to register for free (i.e. prepaid by you).

You tell us when you will present your gift, and we will delay the follow-up email so you get the chance to surprise them.

Want to add a little extra to your gift?  Check out Dick Pond Athletics https://dickpondathletics.com (5 locations) or your nearest run store for socks, gloves, hats, watches, headphones, shoes, or other great gear to keep your runner motivated to run in all weather.