Brampton, ON



Details for 30K IN YOUR OWN WAY

Walk, run, bike, swim or any other self-propelled method to cover 30 kilometers throughout May - let's get back out in the fresh air and ready for summer! Complete the distance one kilometer per day, multiple kms over a few days, 10 kms three times – do it with a group or on your own - the choice is yours!

All proceeds will be donated to support those living with diabetes through JDRF, Diabetes Canada or The Diabetes Hope Foundation - the choice is yours on how to direct the funds.

Just make sure you have fun with it and share your journey on social media! We simply want you to help spread the word to create awareness!

How does a Virtual Challenge Work?

Good question! A virtual race is an event where you register like any other race except for this event, you can walk, run, ride, swim, ski or any self-propelled method you choose to complete the 30Ks, any place you like and at any time you like. You will then be sent a custom designed medal (see below).

The Custom KCD Medal 

Our one of a kind medals are designed to honour Diabetes Awareness and the millions of people around the world struggling to live with diabetes every day. The blue circle is the international symbol for World Diabetes Day. The flame at the top of the medal is the Flame of Hope which burns in London, Ontario, Canada and will continue to do so until it is extinguished by the team that successfully cures diabetes. The “V” in the middle represents a symbol for the Victories people who are testing their blood sugar, taking injections and medications achieve in their own way each day.