Archangel Summit 2024

Toronto, ON

Archangel Summit 2024



If life is a story, what would it take to make ours a bestseller?

Imagine a world where you’re empowered to design your life around your strengths and natural abilities...

Where each of us is able to share our unique gifts with the world and prosper doing it...

Where we can dream really big - and UNLEASH the person that can make the dreams a reality.

At Archangel, we believe that everyone is gifted.

That inside all of us are superpowers waiting to be discovered, harnessed for good, and UNLEASHED. That to change the world, starts with changing ourselves first.

The Archangel Summit is an annual gathering of leaders dedicated to living fully optimized lives and creating this brave new world today.

So put on your cape, join the Archangel movement, and get ready to be…




If you're looking to build and deepen relationships with like-minded and like-hearted peers who understand you, protect you, share their best ideas and strategies, and give you a safe space to be yourself, so you can grow into the leader you were meant to be...this is the experience for you.

We are the curated community you’ve been searching for of entrepreneurs, leaders, artists and personal growth enthusiasts with the intention of impacting more people while creating a dream life and dream business.

And this event will feature 20+ of the world’s top speakers and trainers in BOTH realms of personal transformation AND business growth, specifically for Changemakers like us looking to scale our revenue, audience, and impact.



We attract the world's top experts, thought leaders, and performers in the fields of business growth, and personal transformation.  

Here are the first 4 (out of 20+) incredible speakers to join us in Toronto on September 21st for UNLEASHED: Archangel Summit 2024:

Hal Elrod - Who's sold 2 million+ copies of his book The Miracle Morning 

Brianna Wiest - Who's sold millions of best-selling books, most notably "The Mountain Is You" and "101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think"

Brian Johnson - Author of Areté and founder of HEROIC

Jim Kwik - Who's sold over a million copies of his book Limitless

Full speaker list coming soon...




Since 2014, over 25,000 luminaries have attended Archangel events, participated in our coaching programs and memberships, and have supported each other's growth.

Our founder, Giovanni Marsico, lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife Dr. Stephanie Estima and their 3 children.