Awesome Con Fun Run 5k

717 Madison Dr NW, Washington, DC 20408, USA


UPDATE:  We're going VIRTUAL!

Introducing the first ever VIRTUAL Awesome Con Fun Run 5k!  

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we're postponing Awesome Con to December, BUT this event is still happening!  Where?  Wherever YOU are! 

This is now a virtual 5k that you can complete any way and anyWHERE you want!  You can make laps around your coffee table, jog  through your neighborhood, take a trek through your backyard, jump on the treadmill (you know...that thing with all of the clothes hanging on it)'s up to you!  

As soon as we have the medals in hand in late April, our friends at Fanthropy Running Clubs will mail your medal to you, but you can feel free to complete your 5k whenever you'd like. You do not need to send in proof of completion, but if you want to post your sweaty selfie on social media afterwards, make sure to tag Awesome Con so we can see it and give you a virtual high-five!


We appreciate your understanding in these difficult times and hope that you'll be inspired to get a little physical activity while at home.