BD-Day 12k


BD-Day 12k


Chilton Running Club is thrilled to announce our first event of the 2018-2019 School Year:

The BD-Day 12k!

It's here! We've made it to the start of another school year! I hope you are all as excited about this as we are!

We all know Lorelai would never, ever want a big fuss to be made over her birthday, so of course she would never want a giant pizza brought in on a crane. But we did it anyway!

Cheese burns be darned, this HUGE 4-inch dangler medal of Stars Hollow's largest pizza is brought to you on a silver 3D molded crane and -- wait for it -- is SCRATCH & SNIFF!!! It will actually smell like pizza!!! Your registration also includes your own ever-popular custom digital bib.

Lorelai might have wanted to avoid a birthday party, but there are a lot of kids who deserve their own birthday party! Chilton Running Club is honored to announce that our charity partner for this event is Simon Says Give! Founded by then 7-year-old, Mandi Simon, Simon Says Give engages kids that want to be involved in philanthropy and provides them with the opportunity to be involved in the giving. Their primary effort is to provide birthday celebrations to children who would otherwise not be able to celebrate the day their special day. They also hold the world record for stuffing 8,148 backpacks (in 8 hours!) for kids in need. To learn more about this amazing organization, go to:

Since this event is all about birthdays, the suggested run date for the BD-Day 12k will be October 14th, to celebrate Chilton Running Club's 2nd birthday! You will have your giant pizza medals by then, so we expect to see all of your sweaty selfies that day -- with a medal in one hand and a slice of well deserved pizza in the other. You will be running one kilometer for each foot of Lorelai's birthday pizza, after all! Remember that this is just a fun suggestion and you can complete your 12k whenever you want!

Registration closes Sept 30th at midnight (or early on Oct 1st depending on your time zone) and all medals will be mailed later that week.

Join us in helping carry the future! Sign up today!