Be The Charge 5k

1900 NE Division St #107, Bend, OR 97701, USA


IN OUR BACKYARD links arms across America in the fight against human trafficking through education, mobilization, and partnership. IN OUR BACKYARD is pleased to announce our first virtual run:

Be The Charge 5k!


We believe in a culture where everyone is empowered to live in freedom. Even one trafficking victim is too many. BE THE CHARGE to traffick-proof your community! Trafficking thrives in secrecy, all traffickers ask is that we stay silent. Be the elephant in the room - speak out and take action! 

Everyone who registers for this event will get this awesome 3" medal on a dye-sublimated ribbon. The elephants are fierce protectors of their herd and represent strength and empathy. You'll also get a custom digital bib for you to download and print out or use on social media.  You can use any name and number you want. Make it fun! 


(Insider secret:  Four medals will link together at the corners and the elephant ears form hearts!)

This event is "virtual" meaning that you can complete the distance any way at any location you want!  You can walk, hike, run, skip, roll or dance your 5k in your neighborhood, on your treadmill, around your backyard, or anywhere you want!  You can even break up the distance and complete it over several days to make it more manageable!

This event is on the "honor system", so we don't need "proof" of completion.  As long as you're registered, you'll get your medal.  BUT...we want you to post your sweaty selfie on social media afterwards, make sure to tag IN OUR BACKYARD with [#inourbackyard] so we can see it and give you a virtual high-five!

IN OUR BACKYARD is known for posting Freedom Stickers in every state across America. Over 500,000 Freedom Stickers to date have helped create access to freedom for victims and survivors. Your support for this cause helps place Freedom Stickers in your community. Sign up here ( to order freedom stickers for your community.

Your registration is a tax-deductible donation to IN OUR BACKYARD and will help us support victims of human trafficking across the country.

Finally, we would like to thank our friends at Random Tuesday and their Powered By Fanthropy program for facilitating this event.  If you have any questions or problems, they are eager to help, so don't hesitate to contact them at