Beauty for Ashes

1201 Glory Way Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34212, USA


  • This is a call to Warriors on the FRONT LINES!  A Call to those standing as prayer warriors, kingdom influencers — activists for the Gospel and faithful ones sold-out to Jesus!

     …Beauty for Ashes is FOR YOU…

    This is a Place where you can come and put the sword and shield down take your armor off to get refreshed ,Strength,Nourished and Encouraged. 

    This is your King calling you to a higher level of Intimacy and joy and peace. Come and abide with Him.

     …this is a set apart time for you!

    This is a time for connections, reflections, prayer, worship and healing. A time for victorious contending, turnarounds and breakthroughs.

     …this is a set apart time for you!

    This will be a space of beauty, where ashes and pain are surrendered in exchange for wisdom and wholeness.

     …this is a set apart time for you!

    For many the word "retreat" means running away…leaving the battlefield, abandoning your position to enemy, going backwards. This is definitely not that.

     …this is a set apart time for you!  May you experience it as God intends – not as a Retreat but as a Realtreat!!!

    Come to this RETREAT with high expectations!
    EXPECT an extraordinary, transformational encounter with God.
    EXPECT to be re-equipped with all strength and joy, by the power
    of Holy Spirit.
    EXPECT a new sense of beauty and love.
    EXPECT a refreshing of body, soul and spirit.
    EXPECT to make new friends and relationships, as sisters united
    in the love of Christ experience dynamic worship, meaningful
    prayer encounters, practical workshops, and faith-increasing
    Lodging for two nights is included, along with 5 meals… and even
    a concert!
    And by the way… EXPECT a surprise or two.