Classic Rider Guest/Support Vehicle 2018

Oregon, USA

Classic Rider Guest/Support Vehicle 2018

Oregon, USA


Some riders like to share their Cycle Oregon experience with friends and family members who do not bicycle. Cycle Oregon welcomes Rider Guests/Support Vehicles, and we do our very best to accommodate their needs. However, we deal with very limited space in some of our host sites, which limits our capacity for Rider Guests/Support Vehicles (surprisingly, the footprint for the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle parking area can be as large as that of our Tent City).

Rider Guest/Support Vehicle Space is Limited

Because of space limitations we will only be able to accommodate 35 Rider Guest /Support Vehicles in the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle parking area; registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. This limit applies to all vehicles (RV, truck, truck with trailer, van or car) that are supporting a rider or rider(s).

Important considerations to note about the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle parking program

  • Vehicles must register - Anyone accompanying a rider through the week in a vehicle must register through the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle program.
  • Tent camping is allowed in the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle area if space allows - Some of the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle locations will have grass nearby for tent camping, others will not.
  • Rider Guests/Support Vehicles drive alternate routes to each overnight location – To enhance the safety of riders and their overall experience, Rider Guests/Support Vehicles will be asked to take alternate roads to the overnight site wherever possible and are not allowed on the route (directions will be provided).
  • Rider Guests/Support Vehicle drivers are not registered riders, and should not be riding the route each day. Rider Guest/Support Vehicle campsites will be as close to the rider venues as possible - While the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle area is not an RV park – more likely it’s a city park, someone’s field or a parking lot – hook-ups (water, electricity and dumping stations) are provided when available
  • Quiet Hours – Rider Guests/Support Vehicles that have generators will be located separately from those without. In addition, the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle area will observe quiet hours (no generators) from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day.

Vehicle Registration Fee

A registration fee of $500 is required for each Rider Guest/Support Vehicle. The fee includes access to the services provided at the overnight site including showers, restrooms, beer garden, daily entertainment, other food vendors, bike mechanics, and medical tent.


Rider Guests and Support Vehicle drivers can purchase a meal wristband in advance that includes seven breakfasts and seven dinners. The adult meal wristband is $225 for the week. Individual meal tickets can be purchased during the ride from the Cycle Oregon Retail trailer.

Information Packets

Registered Rider Guests or Support Vehicles drivers will receive a packet in August that includes driving instructions, site maps with the rider guest parking location designated, a vehicle permit and a meal wristband or tickets (if purchased).

Volunteer Liasons

Cycle Oregon has two volunteers who serve as Rider Guest/Support Vehicle liaisons. They will make sure you are well looked after and answer any questions you have during the week.