Colorado Mountain Half Series

Colorado Mountain Half Series


You can still join us for the remaining two events in the Colorado Mountain Half Series! You get the last two events for just $66 each!

  • 8/10 Georgetown to Idaho Springs
  • 9/7 Ned Ned

You are still eligible to earn series points, which could earn you a series award in your age group! So sign up now and save.

Estes Park ~ Georgetown to Idaho Springs ~ Ned*Ned

We all love a Colorado original and we certainly love the beauty and tranquility of our mountains. Three of Colorado’s original and most beloved half marathons are back for the 3rd annual Colorado Mountain Half Marathon Series!

Start your journey on June 16th with the Estes Park Half Marathon, part of the Estes Park Marathon with something for the entire family. Run the original in one of the most beautiful town landscapes known for its resident elk herd and the ever famous Stanley Hotel. All situated at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park, plus the 90% all downhill course will get you a super fast time!!!

Next test your speed and go after a new PR with one of Colorado’s oldest half marathons, the 40th Annual Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon (known as GTIS Half) takes place on August 10th. You start at beautiful Georgetown Lake between towering Rocky Mountains as you cruise through what is mostly a downhill and fast course into iconic Idaho Springs.

The series wraps up with the Ned*Ned Half Marathon in Nederland on September 7th. Nederland is known for its amazing beauty and the world-renowned Frozen Dead Guy (I know I have your attention now). It is nestled in a valley cut out by glaciers; you will run mostly on trails in beautiful national forests with Barker Reservoir as your backdrop.