Competing For People: Strategies To Win The War For Talent

Kissimmee, FL

Competing For People: Strategies To Win The War For Talent


Are Job Vacancies Hurting Your Bottom Line?

You're not alone.


So, how do we fix it?

We’re in a job seeker’s market, and the old recruiting method won’t cut it anymore. Most companies still post a job description and expect lots of applicants — but that's a thing of the past.

The best talent is already employed and must be sold on why they’ll be happier at your company.

Today’s workforce is researching your company to see if your core values align with the contributions and difference they want to make in their communities and the world. They're looking online for evidence that you walk your talk and that the employee experience is what you claim it is.

You can attract the top talent you need to meet your business objectives, but in today’s market, you must build a strong employment brand and nurture job candidates — just like you do your customers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to finally discover and apply the strategies necessary to lower job vacancies and align both your culture and values to the talent your company needs to grow in a jobseeker’s market!


REGISTER TODAY for this half-day workshop to learn how to captivate and convert the job candidates you want by leveraging your culture and marketing your brand as the best place to work.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Executives struggling to drive bottom-line results due to talent shortages
  • VPs and management teams in charge of Operations, HR, Marketing
  • Companies with 100+ employees 

What Will You Discover?

  1. How to create a culture that today’s talent wants to be part of and support long term
  2. How to identify gaps in your candidate experience that may be driving away top talent
  3. Employment brand marketing tactics to reach job seekers where they are looking
  4. How to assess your careers page or site for obstacles to the application process
  5. How to improve your job postings to make them convert now, not later
  6. Real-life examples and actionable strategies you can use today to start filling job vacancies


Meet Your Hosts

Ed Krow

Talent Transformation Expert


With over 250 clients across Canada and the U.S., including Fortune 500 companies Johnson & Johnson and Bosch, Ed helps transform cultures, restore stability and guide companies on their path to 8-figure growth.

He is also a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, and the author of Strategic HR: Driving Bottom Line Results Through Your People.



Dr. Paul Newton

Strategic Story Expert


A TEDx coach, published author and ghostwriter, Paul has worked with Fortune 500 companies, medical organizations and government agencies to move people to action.

Paul crafts employment brand stories aligned with vision, mission and culture to attract the best-fit job seekers for companies.


To Start Attracting Top Talent & Grow Your Bottom Line
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