Confined Dining

110 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1, Canada


Confined Dining is made possible through some amazing local leaders. x Ottawa Magazine. x Media Launch x OMIC x CPOS

Are you interested in setting your restaurant up for online ordering and payment?

Canadian POS has been helping tons of local restaurants get online over the past few weeks, their innovative online ordering system for restaurants allows customers to order direct from your website or a mobile app. CPOS has been a critical resource for businesses looking to offer online ordering during these trying times. Some of their nifty features include:

  • Online ordering system, so your customers can order from your website or mobile app.
  • BIG DIFFERENCE is our system allows you to keep more of your money and build your own database of customers.
  • Instead of having to give up 25% to companies like UberEats, you only give up 3%, and we deposit all your funds next-day.
  • Set-up for you within 24-48 hours


Please contact Brandon Fong at for more information.