Country Swing Instructor Summit

Mesa, AZ

Country Swing Instructor Summit


Country Nomads is excited to be bringing together instructors from across the United States to learn together in the first ever Country Swing Instructor Summit. You should be able to leave this weekend summit comfortable teaching a country swing private, group, and bar lesson, bringing your own personality into it, and confident in your ability to answer questions and teach this incredible dance.

The focus of this summit will be to work on the timing of Country Swing: reviewing 3 different timing variations and where the music(BPM) and moves tie into the timing variation. There is also a heavy focus on Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced moves and progression, a review of what each move (40+) is called within the Nomads Method (regional names vary). Instructors will get to run through the Nomads Method syllabus for group and private lessons, watch a group lesson be taught, have small workshops, small Q&A sessions, and recaps plus more through out the weekend. 

In addition to in person group, small group and 1-1 workshops and lessons you will also be able to take home: 

  • Beginner move list and progression in order (written syllabus)
  • Google Drive Folder with quick overview instruction on basic three, spin & dip with timing
  • Bullet point of private lesson overview
  • Bullet point of a group lesson set up
  • Bullet points of what judges should look for following 5 core judging points
  • Overview of how to run a scorecard and walk guest judges through it quickly 


  • $250 Deposits accepted (does not include early bird pricing). Final payments Due by November 20th. Deposit is non refundable. 
  • AirBnB stay NOT INCLUDED additional cost $200 per person, due by 10/21 
  • This summit is for ALL level instructors, from thinking about getting started, to already teaching on a large scale.
  • This summit is meant to be a build your own event like you've never seen before.


Early Bird $800 Solo Tickets 

Regular Pricing: $950 Solo Tickets | $1,600 Partner Tickets  


*payment choices are flexible and made 1-1. 

$250 per person non refundable deposit for weekend pass (final payment due by 11/20)

$150 per add on non refundable deposit (final payment due by 11/20)


$300/each | Bundles: (2) for $500 or ALL ACCESS (4) for $900 

DEPOSIT of $150 accepted, full payment due by December 1st. 

  • Social Media with Kacee Crandall (2 hours): Overview on: Instagram (reels). Facebook (events/ads/group/page). GoDaddy (website). 
  • Media Package with Gabriel Sebastian (2+ hours): Headshots. Merch/Content (provided by you). Posed & natural dance photos throughout the weekend (studio setting, learning/teaching).
  • Bar Line Dancing Instruction with Adia Dance (2 hours): Levels. Basic Steps. Step Sheets. Judging. 
  • Judging Breakdown with Gabriel Dubois (2 hours): RPSS. Format for bar/small event competitions. Score cards. Q&A. 


Tune ups will be held THURSDAY 530-7pm and SUNDAY 6-730pm. There will be Country Nomads and guest instructors. Starting November 1st these tune up workshops will be opened to the public as well. 


  • Airbnb is available Thursday 5pm to Monday 10am 
  • Airbnb is not included in the price of the Summit
  • $200 per person for any 4 nights. The 5th night would be an extra $25-70/per person
  • It is not required that you stay at airbnb but if you are not onsight please have your own vehicle for the weekend. 
  • Some workshops and classes are at the airbnb. 
  • Total for airbnb is due by November 20th 


Private lessons will be available with Country Nomads Staff Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (am), and Monday (pm), they will be bookable during the month of November (11/1-12/1)


  • Thursday: PRE PARTY Dinner, and a mixer for just the instructors coming to the summit to meet, then social dancing at Whiskey Row Gilbert.

alt: Airbnb will be open to check in after 6pm, you can social dance in a few other local places, or whatever you'd like. 

  • Friday: Game Night (including poker & board games) at AirBnB, with a movie and snacks provided. Everyone is welcome to invite a plus one, there will be some local people hanging out there as well. 

alt: Harolds in Cave Creek are usually POPIN', Denim and Diamonds for more space on the floor, or whatever you'd like. 

  • Saturday: Dinner at AirBNB as a group (locals/plus ones welcome AFTER dinner for pregaming/hanging out) (we want to cook for y'all, and anyone is welcome to pitch in in the kitchen or dance and hang out while the rest of us cook) then Denim and Diamonds for social dancing and late night tacos.

alt: multiple social dancing alternatives, and airbnb will be "free of people" by 10pm for anyone wanting a quiet night in 

  • Sunday: We will wrap up around 6pm (4pm without any of the addon packages)


  • Monday: Optional Sedona Day Trip, home (airport area) by 5pm.