Cycle Oregon Community of Giving 2022

2425 NE 50th Ave, Portland, OR 97213, USA



Let’s do something great together.

There is a synergistic exchange that happens among everyone involved with Cycle Oregon. Folks that ordinarily would never cross paths come together and support each other. It is about the collective, We.

For over three decades, Cycle Oregon has been building connection and community through cycling. Through our riders, partners, and the communities we visit, we celebrate and support the people and places we experience – and the bike is our tool.

We know that we are all connected in some way; and like a COG in a wheel, collectively we are able to accomplish something much larger than ourselves. We relish the diversity of rural and urban. We embrace the environment that surrounds us, find meaning in it, and work to make a difference. Whether it’s building a new friendship or building a new community center, the Cycle Oregon community is transformational at every level.

Building Connection and Community through Cycling. 

Cycle Oregon has diversified our mission to be a more comprehensive and impactful Cycle Oregon. We have expanded our offerings beyond our world class events to include educational programming, advocacy, and statewide bicycle tourism efforts to help support the amazing people and places or Oregon.  We are deepening the connection we have with the entire Cycle Oregon community and invite you to join us in making a collective impact.

We invite you to become a member of Community of Giving (COG)

By becoming a member of COG, you support Cycle Oregon’s more comprehensive and impactful actions by:

  • Joining a community that celebrates, supports, and embraces the diversity of people and places and loves doing it from the seat of a bicycle.
  • Supporting statewide rural programming to educate and engage communities through youth cycling, locally hosted events, and bicycle tourism programs
  • Elevating rural voices and connecting others with the diversity of the Oregon experience through our CO Connections Program
  • Developing a scholarship program to provide Cycle Oregon event registrations directed toward creating more diverse and inclusive participation

You can join us in transforming individuals and communities through bicycling from three levels of membership. 

Join COG today!