D.A. 5k


D.A. 5k



The D.A. 5k will return during the Time Turner Event starting October 1st. Galleons are still available until March 26th!! Simply select the LUNA'S FUND / DA GALLEON ONLY category. And the Event shirts are still available as well! Our most heartfelt THANKS to all those who signed up to support Debate Mate!

Hogwarts Running Club is pleased to present our second event of 2018:

The D.A. 5k!

With the return of the Dark Lord and the Ministry interfering at Hogwarts, the students at Hogwarts turned to Harry to teach them what they needed to defend themselves against the coming darkness. Meeting in secret, Hermione created enchanted galleons to update DA members on the date and time of their next meeting. Now, we celebrate that ingenuity with our own DA Galleon medal! Your registration includes this beautiful 3" medal, an awesome custom sublimated ribbon (featuring a bunch of your favorite characters’ wands!), and the much-loved personalized digital bib!

But you can't fit a 3" in medal in your pocket!! So, we are also offering smaller (but equally awesome...just without the "5k") 1.75" galleons as an additional purchase, so you can carry your own HRC DA galleon everywhere you go!


#1: We only have 4,000 galleons available during this initial run, so please only get ONE GALLEON PER PERSON WHO IS REGISTERED FOR THE DA 5k_._

#2: Due to postage restrictions, you need to register or be pre-registered for the DA 5k in order to purchase the galleon during this initial run.

#3: If we sell out of galleons, DON'T PANIC! We WILL be ordering more and they will be available on Horizont Alley later this year.

Facing impossible odds, the students in DA came together to change their future. We are pleased to announce our charity partner for this event is an old friend: Debate Mate! In January 2016, we lost our beloved Alan Rickman and decided to honor him with the Always Run in support of Debate Mate...a charity Alan enthusiastically supported. Many young people face an uncertain future simply because they are growing up in poverty. By the age of seven, children growing up in poverty are more than twice as likely as their better-off peers to be behind on expected reading levels. By the time they are in their teens, 60 percent won't get the grades needed to go on to college or get employment after graduation. Debate Mate seeks to reverse that trend by using the power of debate to give disadvantaged young people the skills they need to become exceptional young leaders – confidence, interpersonal communication skills and higher order thinking. They started in the UK, but have a strong global presence, operating programs in Nepal, Africa, Jamaica, the Middle East, and the United States. They believe that every child deserves equal access to a top education and wants the youth of today to find their voice so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow. Please visit https://debatemate.org to learn more.

And don't forget your event shirt! Need to form an army to fend off evil? Better grab some "Friends!" All proceeds will go to support Debate Mate! You can get your shirt at: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/da-5k

The suggested run date for the DA 5k is Saturday, March 10th...the birthday of Professor Remus Lupin who taught Harry the spells he passed on to the rest of his fellow students! Remember, this is only a fun suggestion. You are welcome to complete your 5k whenever you want!

Registration closes at midnight on March 25th (or early morning on the 26th depending on your Time Zone). Because of the delay on the Nargle 9k medals, we will be mailing the DA medals EARLY on March 19th for those who've registered for both events by March 13th. Please help us out by marking the box letting us know if you were registered for the Nargle 9k. Medals for pre-registrants will automatically be sent together. The remaining medals will be mailed on April 2nd after registration closes and the shirts will be mailed on the normal Custom Ink timeline.

For more information on how our virtual running events work, please visit our FAQ.

Sign up today and help grow the leaders of the future!