Day of the DeadHeads - Zombie Registration (16+)

4471 Co Rd 7, Erie, CO 80516, USA


This is the registration to be a Volunteer Zombie for our Day of the DeadHeads zombie event! In order to do an "Authentic" zombie horde for our Day of the DeadHeads event, we require a "Horde" of volunteers to help us! You will be chasing/hiding/scaring and ultimately physically (gently/appropriately) tagging human players. Please only register once you are SURE you will be able to attend.

This event is only possible because of volunteers like you! Thank you!

Volunteer Incentives:

-All volunteers will be "paid" in free entrances to GoAirheads! There will be a MAXIMUM of 3 free entrances that Zombie Volunteers can earn. 1 Free entrance for every 2 full hours of being a Zombie! 3 Entrances total if you stay for the entire event!

-We will have a "break area" for tired zombies to take a break, grab some snacks, drinks etc. before getting back out there for more BRAINS!

 Requirements for Volunteers:

- Must be 16 or older at time of event.

- Must bring ANSI Z87+ rated Full Seal Eye Protection, HARD face protection & Full Finger Gloves!

- Must wear clothing to cover up ALL bare skin AND to provide adequate protection from 0' Engagement Distance airsoft gun shots!!!

- Must realize that this event is FOR the experience of the "Human Players". This means we expect the utmost respect from our volunteer Zombies towards the human players, as you try to devour their flesh!

Requests for Volunteers:

-Please bring a radio. (This will be used to periodically communicate pertinent information to zombies. The more zombies have radios, the better!) 

-Please TRY to be at GoAirheads by 5pm for zombie orientation. (While we can take late zombies, this will make things MUCH harder for our staff.)

-While you are not REQUIRED to stay for the entire event, we request that you stay as long as possible.

-Please get INTO IT! (For 6 hours you will BE a ZOMBIE! What kind of zombie will you be? This is the time to do your best acting, whether that is snarling, bumping into objects, crawling through the weeds etc. Let your LARPer, Drama/Theatre kid out!)

-Please Dress Up! (This is a HALLOWEEN event so the more dressed up like a zombie (or similar) the more immersive for our human players!)

-Please JOIN our Facebook Zombie Group! (This is a group where we will give more info as the event gets closer for our volunteers. Come join in some community before the night of the event and possibly volunteer for some "extra special" positions!)

Facebook Group Name: GoAirheads Day of the DeadHeads- ZOMBIES ONLY! or click HERE