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 If you live in Ottawa or the surrounding area, then this is for you.

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and is practiced by millions of adults and children all over the world. It is a 2500-year-old martial art that is used in fitness regimes in over 100 countries worldwide.



Private lessons (1 person) - $80

Semi Private (2 people) - $50/each

3 people - $40/each

4 or more people - $30/each

Enjoy Muay Thai private lessons, where I can come to you.


What to expect?


In our private and/or small group training sessions, clients will spend approximately 1 hour:

  • Warming up and exercising using their own body weight,
  • Learning a classical style of Muay Thai - how to effectively use all 8 of the Muay Thai weapons: Hands, Elbows, Knees and Legs.

Why Kru Mel?

Kru Mel has been a teacher (Kru) in Muay Thai for almost 25 years. He owned a Mixed Martial Arts school in Toronto and had taught over 11,000 students.

Kru Mel has refined his craft on an international stage, having travelled across the globe teaching and training with some of the world’s best. He spent years training and fighting in Thailand with one of the top 10 Thai boxers in history, Burklerk Pinsinchai.

Decorus Muay Thai is a division of Decorus Life, a clarity coaching business, where Kru Mel provides the tools to bring Awareness, Balance, and Clarity to his clients.


Practicing the “Art” of Muay Thai is beneficial on so many levels:


  • Helps with awareness of the body and how to move it in the most efficient way
  • Helps with balance and posture
  • Gets the body toned, fit and strong


  • Keeps you focused and disciplined
  • Challenges the mind as you learn techniques
  • Helps with self-confidence


  • Helps with keeping your awareness in the present
  • Learn to focus on breathing, which brings a sense of peace
  • A heightened sense of awareness


If you are looking to lose weight, get toned or put on more muscle, Kru Mel will personalize each session to help you achieve your personal fitness and wellness goals.

Most people who participate in this kind of training see more than just physical improvements, they experience psychological changes as well. Clients find that they are more in control of their emotions and feel a sense of peace after each session.