Dim Sum & Then Some: The Uptown Virtual 5K

1016 W Argyle St, Chicago, IL 60640, USA


What is the Dim Sum 5K Virtual Race?

While it is important to maintain social distancing parameters during the COVID-19 crisis, we still want to offer people a fun, positive event and the opportunity to make a difference...so we have chosen to convert this event to a virtual 5K!

The Dim Sum 5K is held by 501(c)(3) nonprofit social services organization, Chinese Mutual Aid Association (CMAA). CMAA’s goal is to make the biggest impact we can right now through our COVID-19 relief efforts, which will be supported by this year’s 5K proceeds. To ensure that every dollar raised goes to those who are most affected, we are not offering t-shirts and bibs this year, but we will be giving participants coupons for dim sum from our longtime partner Furama Restaurant in Uptown and launching a social media initiative to foster positive social connection during this time.

Social distancing does not have to mean social disengagement! We recognize the importance of still feeling connected to one another during this time of physical isolation, and so we will be offering group training videos and motivation to stay healthy and active through our Dim Sum 5K Facebook group and through the Strava application (an invitation will be sent upon registration). Runners will also receive virtual badges to display on their social media pages. People can run this race anywhere you like, even on a treadmill! While you can also run this race anytime, we would love to have folks run from 5/20/20-5/30/20 to foster a feeling of togetherness and connection, with everyone posting around the same time and sharing their experiences. We also encourage runners to wear their own red face masks in solidarity with CMAA and post selfies when they run! We will be posting videos on how to create masks at home.


All Virtual Dim Sum 5K proceeds will support CMAA’s COVID-19 Relief Efforts

  • The Dim Sum & Then Some 5K is a fundraiser benefiting Chinese Mutual Aid Association (CMAA). CMAA’s mission is to serve the needs, promote the interests, and enhance the well-being of low-income immigrants and refugees from all countries and generations and foster their participation in U.S. society.  As you can imagine, our low-income client community has been hit especially hard by this crisis.


  • Proceeds from the 5K would also help us to expand our efforts in providing direct financial assistance to low-income families affected by the crisis, assisting them with housing payments, utility costs, food, and any other immediate needs


  • Additionally, through the Community Care Program (CCP), CMAA manages approximately 200 home care aides who continue to assist the elderly and disabled in their homes. 5K proceeds would help ensure that these frontline staff have access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as they put themselves at risk on a daily basis.


  • Lastly, proceeds would also help purchase laptops and tablets for our clients, the majority of whom are at or below the poverty line, so that they may continue accessing important services virtually.


Already Registered for the In-Person 5K Prior to 4/20/20?

No problem! You are welcome to convert your registration to the virtual 5K instead or apply this year’s registration to the next year’s Dim Sum 5K (6/5/2021), which will be a traditional, in-person race again. To choose one of these options or gain additional information, please contact CMAA’s Development & Special Events Coordinator Emily Olson at EmilyO@chinesemutualaid.org.




Proceeds will directly support the Chinese Mutual Aid Association (CMAA), a community-based 501(c)3 social services agency, in their efforts to provide crucial assistance to low-income immigrants, refugees, and people from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. As you can imagine, our low-income client community has been hit especially hard by this crisis, and as a result, our services are even more crucial during this time.
This year’s virtual Dim Sum 5K proceeds will support our COVID-19 emergency relief efforts.



Refunds: Since the Dim Sum & Then Some: The Uptown 5K has many upfront costs, we have a strict and uniform policy of no refunds or exchanges, no person-to-person transfer, or no deferrals to a future year. We do understand that plans change, injuries happen, and various holiday festivities and situations arise, but, we feel it is most fair to apply a uniform policy to all, instead of a subjective line of who should receive a refund and who doesn’t.  All purchases and sales are 100% final, no exceptions. Refunds will not be issued based on weather conditions. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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