Down Syndrome Innovations Conference

Columbia, TN

Down Syndrome Innovations Conference



Welcome! We are looking for dedicated parents and professionals to help support individualized paths for optimal growth and development for our children, without discrimination.

Come to Homestead Hall, a charming refurbished farm at Hardison Mill, to hear dynamic practitioners, therapists, educators, and advocates share inspiration and innovative solutions to improve the health, cognition, sleep, and development of individuals with Down syndrome.

Plus, enjoy heart-warming entertainment from our DS community including music from Rory Feek and a short, awarding-winning film, For Paloma written by April Aguilera, parent of a child with DS.

The conference will be from approximately 8 AM-5:30 PM on Friday and Saturday with lunch provided. Elyse Mundelein, Zumba instructor/adult with DS will lead us in fun movement breaks. You'll also have plenty of time to check out the booths in the exhibit area that support these innovative strategies.

Watch via Live Stream at your convenience.



Check out this lineup of talented performers and informative speakers, hand-picked by parents who have seen results:

    Rory Feek, Parent, Singer-songwriter

    Rachel Coleman, Creator & Host of Signing Time!

    Carol Brown, Executive Director, Equipping Minds


                    Cognitive Development Curriculum: a Foundational Tool for Learning


    Lois Laynee, Founder, AZ Sleep Apnea Center


                    Optimizing Growth & Development with Cranial Nerve Integration


    Dr. Theron Hutton, Parent, Pediatrician


                    Practicing Common Sense



    Linda Kane, M.CND, Parent, Neurodevelopmental Therapist, Hope and a Future


                   Exploring Neurodevelopmental Therapy


    Alissa Hodgson, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

    Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner


                    Targeted Nutritional Intervention: the Science & Practical Application



    Dr. Erica Peirson, Parent, Naturopathic Physician


                    The Importance of Optimizing Gut Health



Sarah Wilkinson, Parent, Chiropractor at Holistic Healing and Chiropractic Center


                    Synchronizing Options to Maximize Reflex Integration


    Jane Winans, MA, Parent, Educational Coach, Victory Lap Mindset


                    Minimize (Parental) Meltdowns, Avoid Bankruptcy, & Find Humor in this

                    Wonderful, Challenging Opportunity Called Life



    Lydia Winans, Young Adult Self-advocate


                    Taking Charge of My Own Health & Fitness



    Andi Durkin, Parent, Executive Director, Down Syndrome OPTIONs


                    Navigating through Crisis to Connection for Action




 Neurodevelopmental Therapy

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