EPIC Series Sacramento 2019

Sacramento, CA, USA

EPIC Series Sacramento 2019

Sacramento, CA, USA


Get ready for an obstacle challenge of EPIC proportions! This ain't your grandma's mud run. EPIC Series is the next generation of obstacle course racing that combines functional cross-training, Strongman, and traditional obstacle course racing elements into the most EPIC course on the planet. No mud, no long-distance running, no ice baths or electric shocks. With Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced options at every challenge station, Athletes of all ability levels can conquer this course and #beEPIC!


Otherwise known as The Main Event! This course is approximately 1.5 miles long and packed tight with over 25 back-to-back obstacle challenges. Each station has Beginner (green), Intermediate (blue), and Advanced (black) options to pick from, so you can choose your challenge at every turn. Ages 13+

This course has 2 wave types:

COMPETITIVE WAVES - Men must do all Advanced obstacles; Women must do at least Intermediate obstacles. This course is timed. Eligible for Podium Prizes.

OPEN WAVES - Athletes of all ability levels may choose any level obstacle to complete at any time with no penalty. This course is timed.


Not for the faint of heart, the ELITE Course is an intense gauntlet of 10 of the toughest challenges on earth. ELITE Athletes must first complete all the Advanced obstacles in the EPIC Course before moving on to this course, which starts off with a Truck Pull! From there, Athletes have 15 minutes to complete the ELITE Course individually with a judge by their side and knock out a number of strength challenges using Barbells, Atlas Stones, Kettlebells, Tires, Sandbags, and more. Ages 18+

This Course Has One Division


For this particular event, The KIDS Course will be turned into a KIDS Challenge in the Rock Garden of the Los Angeles Police Academy! Junior Athletes will receive a punch card with 10 challenges to complete, and they can explore the beautiful Rock Garden while finding each challenge station. Once they have completed all 10 challenges, they turn their punch card in and receive their EPIC medal!

Ages 7-12 recommended, but parents may accompany younger kids on the course at their own discretion.



  • High-quality EPIC Series finisher T-shirt (EPIC Course only)
  • High-quality custom EPIC Series finisher medal
  • Free photos
  • New EPIC friends
  • EPIC memories


Racing is more fun with friends! Grab your swolemates and hit the course! Prizes awarded for Largest Team (across all divisions) and Fastest Team (EPIC Course Competitive Waves).



  • EPIC Course - Top 3 Men/Women Ages 39 and Under All winners will receive EPIC trophies and swag bags full of products from our sponsors.

  • EPIC Course - Top 3 Men/Women Ages 40+ (Masters) All winners will receive EPIC trophies and swag bags full of products from our sponsors.

  • ELITE Course, - Top 3 Men/Women Determined by the fastest combined time between EPIC Course + ELITE Course. 1st Place receives an EPIC Championship Belt and swag bag. 2nd/3rd Place receive EPIC trophies and swag bags.

  • Largest Team

  • Determined 1 hour before Awards Ceremony. Winning team receives an EPIC trophy.

  • Fastest Team Determined by combining the fastest 4 times of team members who ran the EPIC Course Competitive Waves. Winning team receives an EPIC trophy.



You're invited to the most EPIC party in the world! Join us before, during, and after your race for music, food, vendor expo, activities, fun, and MORE!


Parking - FREE!

Bag Check - $2.00

Spectators - FREE!


  • No refunds.
  • Transfers to another person or to a future race permitted until Thursday, June 19, 2019.Please email info@epicseriesocr.com for assistance.
  • You may change start times, divisions, and wave types until Thursday, June 19, 2019 and may be subject to a fee.
  • All start times and ELITE Course divisions are final on Race Day, however upgrades from Open Waves to Competitive Waves and add-on purchases (such as adding entry into the ELITE Course) will be permitted.


Help out your fellow Athletes and make their experience even more EPIC! We need volunteers for:

  • Course Build
  • Check-In
  • Course Supervisors (all courses)
  • Start Line / Finish Line
  • Photography
  • Teardown

Get hooked up for helping out! All volunteers receive:

  • A free ride through the EPIC Course (which includes finisher T-shirt and medal)
  • A high-quality EPIC Volunteer T-shirt
  • Free food/drinks
  • Free photos
  • New EPIC friends
  • EPIC memories
  • The satisfaction of making EPIC Series even more EPIC for your fellow Athletes!

To volunteer, select "Individual" under REGISTRATIONS at the top of this page.

On the next page, add 1 Volunteer quantity and click "Register Now."

Complete the registration form, making sure to select your T-shirt size and Volunteer Shift you'd like to register for.

Click "Submit Order" at the end, and you're all done!

Questions? Email info@epicseriesocr.com

You can also view our FAQ Page.

See you there! It's gonna #beEPIC!